Our model to meet the growing demand for private air travel is new to the industry.  Our goal is to transform the way air travel has been and open this segment up for more families and companies as a safer way for travel.


Our aquifers make us the only company that can bottle at the source in the country.  Our aquifers are free from harmful contaminants, with a high pH and rich in calcium and magnesium.  Our aquifers also are rich in silica which helps flush toxins from the body.  Our...


We have ground breaking technology in the energy, safety and health industries that will create a better world and improve mankind.


We control the rights to acquire an industry changing patented clean and efficient energy technology that provides an energy source with a negative carbon footprint, and drastically improves agriculture efficiencies. 


We are building a robust supply chain in the food development, manufacturing, distribution and grocery industries all supported by a food safety technology platform.  Our purpose is to build a multi revenue stream conglomerate with industry changing...