Wayne Sellers



Mr. Sellers has a professional career exceeding 35 years solely in the food manufacturing, distribution, and sales of high-quality foods. Mr. Sellers has started, organized, and capitalized several companies over his career. At age 29, he started Red Mountain Bakeries, a wholesale cake bakery, which supplied Costco’s eastern seaboard north and south divisions and most of the top 50 supermarket chains in America. Mr. Sellers co-invented and manufactured the production line and co wrote the manufacturing process control and the management information systems software that managed the production. He was also a co-founder and shareholder and acted as President and CEO of Selmor Foods, Inc., which supplied the Mary B’s Biscuits brand and helped Hom/Ade Foods, the brand owner, propel the brand into the 2nd largest frozen biscuit company at retail in America in 2003 before it sold. Today, in addition to his responsibilities with Jade Art Group, Mr. Sellers also owns other companies in the food industry. He serves as the Chairman of the Board and President and CEO of these companies as well. Mr. Sellers studied engineering and robotics at Atlanta Technical College. He holds an FCC license in Broadcast Engineering and is a certified foodservice equipment specialist by Rykoff-Sexton. He resides in Birmingham with his wife, Marie, and together they have eight children and attend Valleydale Church, where they have attended going on 26 years.